How cool would be to have a Karaoke machine on your iPhone or iPod touch ?

Some computer programs serve a similar purpose to the standard karaoke machine,
Their standard file format used is .kar, an extension of the standard .mid (MIDI format) which includes embedded lyrics and is easy to transfer across the Internet, even over slow connections.

Meet iKaraoke, your personal karaoke machine / kar player

Now you can have fun and make a karaoke party everywhere!

Easy to use, easy to have fun:

  1. import your own favorite songs
  2. press play to launch performance mode
  3. sing like a star!!!


  • Two operation modes:
    • Personal Mode
      Mic is off and sound plays thru the device main speakers
    • Stage Mode
      Mic is on and device main speakers are muted to avoid feedback
      in this mode you should connect your device to a stereo thru the headphone jack)
  • "Open in..." option that allows the download of .kar files directly from Safari and Mail app
  • iTunes sharing
  • Play your favorite musics and lyrics will follow in sync
  • iKaraoke Network powered by Facebook Connect
  • Enable users to invite Facebook friends to the iKaraoke network
  • Supports any device orientation (portrait, landscape)
  • Built in help system and feedback and bug reporting
  • Built In web server for easy access to iKaraoke media from any wifi networked computer, uploads also supported
  • Running tally of total tracks played, total usage and amount of playing time
  • Edit option for moving, renaming, deleting or creating new folders

iPod touch limitations:

  • iPod touch 1G does not have built in speakers and requires headphones to listen to music, no mic support
  • iPod touch 2G does not have built in mic and requires supported external mic